Hello weekend!  Today's Better Drinking Tip is about knowing your drink's ABV (Alcohol by Volume).  While a higher ABV often represents a greater level of flavor and complexity, it also means it should be consumed slower and enjoyed over a longer period of time. The standard domestic 12 oz beer has about 5% ABV (which is considered 1 standard drink).  However, craft beers can have around 7.5% ABV (equal to 1.5 standard drinks), with some as high as 10% (equal to 2 standard drinks).  

The NIH has put together a pretty cool calculator that shows the number of standard drinks in a variety of cocktails... and it will also calculate out your own recipes.  Take a few minutes and check it out, your Saturday morning might thank you for it.  Cocktail Calculator 

Cheers to Better Weekends.  #BetterDrinkingCulture