My relationship with alcohol began Halloween of my freshman year in college. I learned quickly that in order to fit in a drink should always be in hand and you should never say no to a shot…or two…or five. The ability to “know how to drink” was respected. I’ve made decisions under the influence that I would not have made as a sober person. I allowed myself at times to become “that girl” while drinking and she was not always someone I respected or liked. Consuming alcohol is a personal choice and shouldn’t be a precursor to friendships or “coolness”. Those who make alcohol, and make it well, put too much passion, heart and soul into it for you to belittle their effort by over-consuming and drunk dialing your ex or going home with someone who’ll forget your name the next morning. You are worth more than that…and that finely crafted beverage is too. Respect yourself. Respect the craft.  (Posted anonymously- from Michigan)