Brewery Vivant

Top 3 Reasons to visit

  1. Word-of-mouth-worthy food (ask anyone about their burger or duck nachos)
  2. First LEED Certified Brewery in USA with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and local impact
  3. Ever-rotating draft list (check the chalkboard for special one-offs), and cans and bottles for to-go sales

About Brewery Vivant

Located in a former funeral home chapel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Brewery Vivant specializes in Belgian and French inspired beers and fare. What makes Vivant unique is the way they approach their craft and operate their business. The core of Brewery Vivant can be found at the crossroads of three passions:

  1. A love of the tradition and artistic approach of the Belgian & French styles of beers;
  2. Running the business according to the three pillars of sustainability – Environmental Integrity, Social Equity, and Economic Viability;
  3. A focus on sharing the experience of how beer and food can be paired to uplift the enjoyment of both.

The word "vivant" translates as "to be alive", or "to be lively" which is fitting to the type of brewery they strive to be.  "Bon vivant" (the good life) is often used in reference to people who enjoy eating and drinking well, and that's what Brewery Vivant is all about.

Since opening in 2010, Brewery Vivant has published an annual sustainability report titled “Beer the change…” which documents their progress towards 12 sustainability goals including producing zero waste, 90% of expenses with local suppliers, 10% of profits to charities, and serving 200 volunteer hours. Vivant is also the first commercial brewery in the USA to receive LEED Silver Certification from the USGBC. 

Why join the Better Drinking Culture?

Craft beer is meant to be enjoyed with friends in moderation to appreciate the quality of ingredients and the time it takes to create unique and new beers. Brewery Vivant is an industry leader, and one of the first to adopt a 4 drink maximum policy for all customers, Brewery Vivant is about putting customers before profits, Brewery Vivant is one of a handful of pubs to have this policy in place, which makes a bold statement about their intentions when it comes to drinking its craft. Vivant also focuses on quality over quantity by harvesting ingredients from local sources and by educating staff and customers on the importance of craft and local impact.

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925 Cherry St
Grand Rapids, MI 49506