The BDC Certification Program recognizes and distinguishes breweries, distilleries, cideries, wineries, brewpubs, bars, and restaurants that are actively contributing to a better drinking culture in their community. Whether you're a startup operation or an established destination, this growing national network of Certified Partners gains access to a growing tribe of BDC members who desire to drink and eat at establishments that care about their health, safety, and well-being.

"BDC Certification attracts a more educated, higher-end, and longer-term consumer."

- Joel Petersen, VP Marketing, New Holland Brewing Co.


Our culture is booze-enthused, and it’s leading to physical, emotional, societal, familial, and mental health issues. We at BDC decided to take our movement to the core of the industry by partnering with establishments like you. There are few things better than enjoying a hand-crafted beer, cocktail, or drink over engaging conversation with good people. As a member of the industry, you understand and appreciate how important it is to respect the craft, and enjoy quality over quantity. We're enlisting your help, and invite you to join BDC on the journey to elevate the drinking experience by helping propel positive cultural change.


  • TO YOU: To recognize and distinguish a community of alcohol producers and on-premise establishments that put the health and safety of their customers first.

  • YOUR CONSUMERS: To empower consumers to drink better and live healthier by reducing the cultural and peer influences of over-consumption and alcohol abuse.  

  • YOUR COMMUNITY: To build and sustain a better drinking culture in your community by reducing the abuse of alcohol through means of education, example, and influence. A better drinking culture helps communities thrive by making them better places to live, work, and raise families. Communities with lower alcohol abuse tend to have lower levels of crime, violence, and attract a stronger, more vibrant workforce.

  • YOUR INDUSTRY: A better drinking culture protects the alcohol industry from higher liability costs and future increased regulations by reducing the abuse of alcohol in your establishment and community. As we shift the drinking culture in a healthier direction, we reduce the need to pursue stronger regulation oversight, increase alcohol related taxes, and unnecessary government restrictions.


  • Become recognized as a community leader, and achieve positive brand enhancement

  • Access and engage with BDC’s growing base of brand-conscious, health-minded consumers

  • Attract new customers by participating in BDC’s Universal Mug Club

  • Build a better staff culture by attracting higher caliber employees who care about the BDC ideals

  • Access to priority marketing channels and discounts through our community partners (future benefit)


  • BDC Certified Partner marketing collateral, digital assets, and signage

  • Your brand profiled on BDC’s website, membership app, social media channels, and inclusion in media/PR outreach

  • Welcome toolkit of resources and best practices to help educate your staff and customers about BDC, and empower them to drink better

  • BDC Ambassador training for a minimum of one employee (required for Fast-Track Certification, additional cost)

  • Discounted BDC merch for employees

  • *BDC’s comprehensive audit evaluation and consulting recommendations (for optional Full Track Certification, see further below)

How it works

Like the program? Ready to get Certified? Here's what you can expect: