BDC Certified Partners

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BDC Certified Partners are vetted and recognized establishments that go above and beyond in building a better drinking culture in their community. They are the ones who put their customers first, and quality above quantity. Officially launched in late 2016, the BDC Certification Program aims to build a network of the very best establishments across the country, helping us BDC members make more educated choices on where to drink and who to support in this grand vision of building a Better Drinking Culture.  

This program is also the start of a much broader initiative to certify and recognize colleges/universities, communities, and states on how their drinking culture stacks up to others across the country. We're creating a measurable benchmark to show quantifiable change—to change our relationship with alcohol in a healthier, and more positive direction.





WHY We LOVE them

BDC Certified Partners not only get vetted through our rigorous review process, but they also financially contribute to BDC's education and advocacy initiatives. BDC Members return the love by choosing to drink and dine at their establishments.

Become a Certified Partner

Certified Partners not only get lots of community love, they also get access to best practice resources and tools to help make their establishment healthier and safer. Do you own or manage a brewery, distillery, winery, bar, or restaurant, and want to support the BDC?  Drop us a line.

ALREADY a certified partner?

You can update the information we publish on your profile page and/or the perks you offer in our Universal Mug Club here