BDC started with a group of friends sharing their stories, so we want to keep those good vibes rolling with our Grab a drink with.... Q&A series. We're lucky enough to get to meet a ton of awesome people, and we think it'd be cooler if you got to meet them, too. It's our pleasure to introduce you to some of them...

Do you know someone with an inspiring story people need to hear? If so, please nominate them below, and we'll extend the invite for a drink (of their choice).


Who are we having a drink with next???

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Kris Spaulding

Celebrated as the first LEED-Certified craft brewery in the country, Kris Spaulding and her husband, Jason, built Brewery Vivant as one of the most recognized breweries in Michigan. Revered for their authentic quality, sustainability, and community leadership, Kris and the Vivant team show us what it's like to "beer the change" and be a model for good! Join us as we grab a drink with Kris, and learn to live the Bon Vivant! 


Adrian Butler

From music to fashion, AB is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has hosted some of Grand Rapids' biggest parties. His music, fashion, and signature laugh (yeah, it's THAT good) can be seen and heard from across the country.