Adrian butler

Commonly known as: AB

Occupation: DJ | Hip-Hop Artist | Fashion

Sleeps: Grand Rapids, MI


What do you like to drink?

Beer: IPA
Wine: Merlot
Cocktail: Whiskey (on the rocks)
Pop: Coca-Cola (bottled in Mexico)


What are you currently listening to?

Outkast is always in the rotation, Tokimonsta, Justin Bieber, Prince, The Time, and whatever new demos I'm working on.


What's your typical morning routine like?

Wake up, coffee, music work, email checking, getting the kids breakfast, dressed, and off to school.  I can't afford hangovers in the morning!


Do you have a favorite (or not so favorite) memory associated with a specific drink?

I remember the first time I had a Long Island [Iced Tea]. I didn't know that the entire drink was basically alcohol, and it was so amazingly tasty that I killed it pretty fast. Ten minutes later, I was quite buzzed and had to eat food, and hang out at Applebee's longer than I wanted. No more Long Islands for me!


Do you have any personal drinking rules?

Since learning about BDC, I've started monitoring myself more. At this point, I don't drink more than 2 drinks a night. When I'm performing late nights, I don't drink after midnight.


Favorite purchase made under $100 within the past year?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Favorite thing about the city where you live?

Grand Rapids has an abundance of great restaurants right now! Great food is everywhere! Also, with so many new people, business, etc. coming into the city, opportunities for creative growth seem to be endless right now.


If you had no obligations for a day, what would you do?

Reading, drawing, listening to music, watching a movie.... basically things that don't involve talking to people ;)


Why do you live and support the BDC?

I believe the BDC speaks to having a healthy balance, not only in relationship to alcohol, but to life in general.


Where can people keep tabs on all the cool things you're doing?

Instagram: @ABisAdrianButler
Facebook: AB Music