BDC started with a group of friends sharing their stories, so we want to keep those good vibes rolling with our Grab a drink with… Q&A series. We're lucky enough to get to meet a ton of awesome people, and we think it'd be cooler if you got to meet them, too. It's our pleasure to introduce you to some of them. Scroll down to meet ‘em!

Do you know someone with an inspiring story people need to hear? If so, please nominate them below, and we'll extend the invite for a drink (of their choice). First one’s on us.

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Who are we having a drink with next???

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Jacklyn Evans

Distillery diplomat at BDC Certified Partner, Maker’s Mark


Faye Pickelman

Sweet and caring co-owner of Upper Michigan’s Soul Squeeze Cellars


Brian Sprance

Head Distiller for New Riff Distilling, in Newport, KY



Homeplace Manager for downtown Louisville, KY’s brand new Old Forester Distilling Co.


Jeff Crowe

The man responsible for why you either just had or will have a memorable time visiting Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center


Mike Bohn

Beverage Manager at Angel’s Envy, BDC Ambassador, and all-around solid dude who appreciates the calm in simplicity


Karla Plott

The mastermind behind the cocktails at ON3, the bar up top at Evan Williams Bourbon Experience


Jessie Hawkins

On a typical day in 2014, the founder of The Mocktail Project had his last drink, and it changed his life forever.



Service industry pro, mixologist extraordinaire, Army vet, and family man, Josh is pretty much a super hero.


Elizabeth McCall

Assistant Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve proves bourbon ain’t just for the boys

Nanc_RecoveryPalooze_almost 300 days sober.jpg

Nanc McGorman

Nanc has a BDC story, which is leading her on a journey of recovery to not only help herself, but empower others in the service/hospitality industry. When she's not slinging beers or Crack Fries, she's exploring the beauty of being healthy outside on foot and bike, and now proudly with her son by her side every positive step of the way.



Jen's a recent grad of Grand Valley State University, with B.B.A. in marketing, and a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She's a lover of craft beer and her giant cat, Paulie, but not so much a fan of waking up with a hangover. She reflects on how her college drinking culture has shaped her respect for the craft today.


Kris Spaulding

Celebrated as the first LEED-Certified craft brewery in the country, Kris Spaulding and her husband, Jason, built Brewery Vivant as one of the most recognized breweries in Michigan. Revered for their authentic quality, sustainability, and community leadership, Kris and the Vivant team show us what it's like to "beer the change" and be a model for good! Join us as we grab a drink with Kris, and learn to live the Bon Vivant! 


Adrian Butler

From music to fashion, AB is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has hosted some of Grand Rapids' biggest parties. His music, fashion, and signature laugh (yeah, it's THAT good) can be seen and heard from across the country.