Brian Sprance

Current occupation?
Head Distiller, at BDC Certified Parter, New Riff Distilling

Any nicknames, or work/industry alter egos? Is there a story behind it?
Lil' Bit. when the other distillers would ask me "how much" (i.e., how much should I turn the steam up, etc.) I would say, “A lil bit.” It ended up being a thing now said around the distillery, and stuck as my nickname.

What’s your résumé look like?
Long-time brewer at Barrelhouse Brewing (one of the first brewpubs in Cincinnati), to Sam Adams Brewery, to Head Distiller at New Riff Distillery.

What do your mornings look like?
Pretty typical. Quick walk with my dad, then onto work. Research, check industry news and updates, and unpacking that email inbox.

Favorite drinks?
Easy. New Riff’s Bourbon and Rye. And, coldbrew coffee.

What’s your favorite spot and/or time to drink?
After a shift at work, catching up with my coworkers, at the Aquifer (New Riff's bar).

How do you live a healthy BDC lifestyle?
A chill, long walk with my dog every evening.

Where’s the most interesting place you've ever had a drink?

Getting to taste our very first bourbon, pulled from the barrel in our rickhouse.

Describe a favorite (or not so favorite) memory that is forever tied to a specific drink or experience.
Releasing our New Riff Bourbon to the public. All those years waiting for it to age and then getting to share it with everyone who had been supporting and following us for four years was pretty special—the epitome of delayed gratification.

If you had no obligations, what’s your ideal “day off?”
At a Mastodon concert.

What do people never ask you that you wish they would?
Can I pay for that?

In a sentence or two, why do you support and live a BDC lifestyle?
My career, this company, and my family far outweigh the consequences associated with not living a BDC lifestyle.

Who should we grab a drink with next?
Mitch Dougherty, at Rhinegeist.

Hey, Mitch! We’re coming for ya’! ;)

Brian, where can people learn more about you?
Honestly, I’d be flattered if everyone out there just stayed connected to @newriff.
New Riff Distilling