Jacklyn evans

Current occupation?
Distillery Diplomat, at BDC Certified Partner, Maker’s Mark

Sounds fancy, so what does it mean?
I'm using my MBA and eight years experience in the industry to host deep-dive, educational tours for industry and trade partners at the home of Maker's Mark, and travel far and wide sharing our story. It's the best job in the world!

What do your mornings or evenings looks like?
I usually go for a walk with my husband after work and then we cook dinner together. It gives us time to connect and enjoy each other's company.

Favorite drinks?
Champagne, pinot noir, and Maker’s 46.

What’s your favorite spot and/or time to drink?
I enjoy drinking with friends at a laid back, unpretentious bar like Chevy Chase Inn or Bluegrass Tavern in Lexington, KY.

How do you live a healthy BDC lifestyle?
Walking! I can't stand to sit at a desk. Luckily my job allows me to hoof it all over the BEAUTIFUL Maker's Mark campus! I typically walk 8 miles a day.

Where’s the most interesting place you've ever had a drink?

Right next to Big Ben on the river Thames. It was New Year's Eve and the night my husband proposed. Everyone around us was popping Champagne corks, but we were cracking the wax on a bottle of Maker's.

Describe a favorite (or not so favorite) memory that is forever tied to a specific drink or experience.
On my third day of working at Maker's Mark, I was training with our warehouse crew who were dumping barrels. I'll never forget the smell and the amber color of the whiskey as it flowed out of the barrel. I was absolutely mesmerized! All of sudden, someone handed me a little plastic cup and I filled up with that Loretto liquid sunshine. That drink of Maker's changed my life. I fell in love, instantly!

If you had no obligations, what’s your ideal “day off?”
Curled up in a cozy chair with a good book, a rocks glass of Maker's 46 and a purring cat in my lap.

What could you not live without?
My passport.

What are some of your personal mindful, better drinking habits or guidelines you live by or try to live by?
First and foremost, I always have a transportation plan. I also make it a policy to down a glass of water between drinks. I never do shots as I prefer to sip and savor my drinks.

In a sentence or two, why do you support and live a BDC lifestyle?
Because I love bourbon and want the world to associate it with positive experiences.

Who should we grab a drink with next?
Sarah Poole, at Maker’s

Hey, Sarah! We’re coming for ya’! ;)

Where can people learn more about you?
Maker’s Mark