Jeff Crowe

Current occupation?
General Manager of Visitor Experiences at BDC Certified Partners, Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Experience

What’s Jeff Crowe’s elevator pitch bio?
Jeff Crowe joined Heaven Hill in August 2013 as the General Manager of Heaven Hill Distillery Visitor Experiences for the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, a multi-million dollar artisanal distillery and tourism experience that celebrates the legacy of Evan Williams, Kentucky’s first commercial distiller and the Bourbon Heritage Center, a visitor experience focusing on the history and heritage of Bourbon in Kentucky. Prior to his employment with Heaven Hill, he served President and CEO of Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association; a 49-county tourism development group. He is also the former Executive Director of Estill Development Alliance, a community, industrial and economic group.

Bourbon of choice?
Evan Williams Single Barrel on the rocks

Editor’s note: Try this bourbon, which is even better over meaningful conversation with Jeff at Proof on Main. We know, from experience.

What’s your favorite spot and/or time to drink?
At home on the weekends, whether while sitting by the pool and grilling out or in the kitchen while I share new recipes with my husband. We are huge foodies and love to experiment with new ideas for adding bourbon to recipes.

How do you live a healthy BDC lifestyle?
I enjoy an evening jog along the streets of beautiful Bardstown KY.

What are some of your personal mindful, better drinking habits or guidelines you live by or try to live by?
One rule I try very hard to live by is to incorporate water into my drinking habits. Enjoy a bottle or glass of water between every two drinks.

If you had no obligations, what’s your ideal “day off?”
Watching cooking shows, laying on the sofa with a cocktail in hand.

What could you not live without?
My friends.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever had a drink?
Thailand—we were there with friends to celebrate a milestone birthday.

In one sentence, why do you support and live a BDC lifestyle?
I live a BDC lifestyle out of respect for myself and those who I love.

Who should we grab a drink with next?
Susan Wahl, at Heaven Hill Brands

Hey, Susan! We’re coming for ya’! ;)

Jeff, where can people learn more about you?
Instagram @bourbondad
Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center