About: A quirky girl who loves being around others, and loves craft beer, good food, and her cat, Paulie.

Commonly known as: Jenjen the engine (I got it when I was running cross country, not really sure why, but it's stuck! )

Occupation: Graduate, beer enthusiast, marketing pro

Sleeps: On my own pillow


What's your favorite thing about the city where you currently live?

There is always something new and fun to do in Grand Rapids.


What are you currently listening to, reading, and/or watching? How is it moving you?

I am currently watching Big Brother. As weird as it sounds, it makes me remember to enjoy the simple things in life to to always find something to make you laugh.


What are your favorite drinks (alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic?

Next to water, I really like an ice cold beer.


What’s your favorite spot and/or time to drink?

I like going to local pubs and breweries to grab beers after a successful day, or hanging out in the backyard with family, sipping on something great.


How do you maintain a healthy BDC lifestyle?

I have always led a healthy lifestyle, and try to eat as best as I can. I have been active my entire life, and opt to socialize with people who only bring me up. Since I started legally drinking, I realized how much I appreciated and respected the quality of craft.


What are some of your personal drinking habits or guidelines you live by or try to live by?

My personal drinking habits are simple: don't drink crappy beer, drink within your limit, and drink with others who model healthy behavior.


What has influenced your drinking habits throughout your life? Have any particular positive or negative drinking stories shaped your current relationship with alcohol?

My parents have been a big influence on my life. When I was younger, they had a very open relationship with alcohol which made the transition into drinking for me a lot easier. The way they treated alcohol when I was younger has made me want to live a healthier lifestyle, and now it's something we share and can enjoy together.


Describe a favorite (or not so favorite) memory that is forever tied to a specific drink.

I have a great memory around beer. My brother and my dad have always bonded and, even though I love my mom, I always wanted to feel included with them. When I first started legally drinking, beer was one of the first things I drank because I wanted to be a part of their group. Since then, we have all gotten closer and bonded over this drink.


If you could put your name on any drink, what would it be, and why?

I wouldn't put my name on a drink, I would make a crazy flavor of a beer and name it "Bobnoxious" after my dad since he is the one who has opened my eyes to the beer industry.


What's the most valuable advice you’ve ever received/lesson you've learned that has made a significant impact in your life?

Don't take life too seriously, it's that simple. I have gone through so much of my life stressed which has complicated everything. By doing the best I can do and not taking things too seriously, I actually have a chance to finally enjoy the simple things in life.


Favorite purchase made under $100 within the past year?

My cat, Paulie.


If you had no obligations, how would you spend a "day off"?

I would get some friends together and spend the day on a boat in the middle of a lake.


What's your ideal vacation? Money's not an option.

I would love to travel, eat and drink my way through Europe.

Where can people learn more about you (e.g. website, social, etc.)?

Let's just grab a drink, and have authentic conversation.