Knucks (knuckle sandwich tattoo) or RGF (resting german face)

Current occupation?
General Manager @ Main St. Pub - Allendale | Cocktail & Craft Beer Enthusiast

Give us your bio elevator pitch.
After defeating death at a young age, I developed a taste for adventure. So immediately after high school, I joined the Army, deployed, came back having escaped death again, and joined the finest industry in the world. Started figuring out that drinking is way more than getting drunk, but about flavor combinations and experiences - so I started a pop-up cocktail club with the help of Barfly Ventures (Sovereign Cocktail Club), started competing in cocktail competitions, got myself a couple interviews (Revue Magazine, Field Guide to Drinking in America, Fox 17 News, 8West, Experience Grand Rapids), and since have been spreading my love and knowledge with anyone that wants to hear it.

What are your favorite drinks?
I'm a sucker for a perfectly mixed Arnold Palmer, any day of the year. That, or a Negroni, or Manhattan (classic, or a bartender's neat rendition of it).

What’s your favorite spot and/or time to drink?
I love getting creative before a competition at home the most. With my wife - who helps critique it, and it's in a spot I can control. Other than that, we live so close to Elk in Comstock Park, or Perrin, or Greyline, that we find ourselves there most often. Oh! We are also at Mitten Brewing, A LOT (that pizza flight, though...)

How do you live a healthy BDC lifestyle?
Kids. I have 3 of them. They are constant reminders that I need to be the best and healthiest me I can be, so I can not only lead by example and teach them the right way, but so I can be around as humanly possible for them.

What are some of your personal mindful, better drinking habits or guidelines you live by or try to live by?
Never shots - not in several years. Like I mentioned earlier, it's more of the flavor experience for me. I'm not out to "get a buzz", I want to try everything that's out there, but all in good time. My wife and I usually spend close to 3 hours at a place whenever we are out, and as such, I usually put 3 craft brews down - unless it's a higher ABV, then I slow my roll a bit (again, kids...and also, not trying to have headache a few hours afterwards). If it's a cocktail kind of night, I will usually only have 2 with our dinner.

What do your mornings or evenings look like? Tell us about your routines and how they set you up for a positive day.
My wife wakes up at 630a everyday to get ready for work, and even if I closed the night before and didn't get home until 3:30a, I get up with her, start the pot of coffee, and while that's brewing, I do my stretches, push-ups, and crunches. At 7, I wake my kids up to get them ready for their day - breakfast, packed for school, lunches made (for my wife, too), then I start the car for my wife. I try to do whatever I can for my family, so they can take lessons from it. Always give, if you can - you can rest later. I feel like that specific routine not only helps start my day off positively, but my families as well, knowing that no matter what, I support them and will be there for them.

What could you not live without?
My family and friends. They are everything.

In one sentence, why do you support and live a BDC lifestyle?
Because life is too important to get hung up on how much you drank last night, too precious to be condemned to your bed, nursing your hangover, and too short to not remember what you did the night before.

Who should we grab a drink with next? 
If I'm going with someone I know, I would say Garry Boyd - the man has done it all and has overcome some of the hardest obstacles you could imagine, yet is still so approachable and is always ready to teach, coach, and share is knowledge and passion. If I'm going with someone whom I've never met, but find them a compelling figure in this industry, I would go with Bad Birdy, based out of The House of Machines in LA - being a trend setter cocktail maker and all around badass who crushes competition and stereotypes.

Editor’s Note: Garry and Bad Birdy, we’re comin’ for you!

Josh, where can people learn more about you?
Instagram @jhallwachs
Facebook /josh.hallwachs.1
Main St. Pub - Allendale