Nanc McGorman


Why do you choose to live and support the BDC?

People should be able to enjoy the booming craft beer culture without blacking out, putting themselves in sketchy situations, or getting in trouble. I hope by living the BDC life and spreading the message I can help influence the freshly 21-year-olds out there.


What are some ways you maintain a healthy BDC lifestyle?

Though I personally don’t drink, I serve alcohol for a living. I am always encouraging 5oz pours for beers when people want to try multiple beers. My son and I bike commute everywhere, and love cooking at home. I also started an industry recovery group, Beer City Recovery, to help address the growing issue of excessive drinking by brewery/bar/restaurant workers.


Do you have a favorite memory forever tied to a specific drink?

Tequila Sunrises! My first apartment on my own with some awesome roommates. We would stay up all night drinking Sunrises until sunrise, having the most ridiculous conversations. Those memories will stay with me forever.


What are some of your personal drinking habits or guidelines you live by or try to live by?

Before I got sober I tried to live by a lot of rules.

Only on the weekends.

Only after 8pm.

Only beer. No shots.

I wasn’t very good at them.

If I could give advice to myself back then it would be, Don’t drink and drive, you don’t need that last drink, and hangovers suck. A lot.


What's your favorite thing to drink?

Coffee! I don’t know if I could function without that glorious nectar.

I also drink an embarrassing amount of bubble water. LaCroix, of course (#teamcoconut), but Aquafina has some good flavors to.


What are you currently listening to?

The new Kendrick Lamar has been on repeat since it came out. I have also been jamming to Pup, +44, and Rae Sremmurd.


Any good books you're currently reading?

I always have a Harry Potter book with me. Always.

A friend gave me The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz pretty early into my sobriety, and I have been reading and rereading it for the last few months. There is a quote, “The human is the only animal on earth that pays a thousand times for the same mistake. The rest of the animals pay once for every mistake they make.” I have been trying to apply it in my daily doings. You make a mistake, you deal with the guilt, consequences, etc, and GET OVER IT. MOVE ON. Stop dwelling and thinking, “But what if...”


What's something you love about the city where you live?

The parks. It is a surreal feeling to get lost on a hiking path or bike trail for hours, and then emerge into a bustling city.


If you had no obligations, how would you spend a "day off"?

Hiking or biking with my kiddo.

Binge watching Avatar The Last Airbender.

Raiding gyms for legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go (yeah, we still play).


What's one thing you couldn't live without?

The small person I made, Jaxon. He just makes me so happy.


Favorite purchase made under $100 within the past year?

Tickets to see Four Year Strong for their 10 year anniversary tour.

Also, tacos. Always tacos.


If you could leave behind some truths of life as your legacy, what would they be?

Eat the cheeseburger.

Kiss the dude/dudette

Dance in the rain.

Love recklessly.

I can imagine nothing worse then getting old and looking back on my life and realizing I always took the safe path.


Where can people learn more about you?

Instagram @nancnancrevolution

Facebook /nancnancrevolution

Beer City Recovery