Top 3 Reasons to visit

  1. Interact with the actual people behind your favorite brands

    A visit to KAD may let you meet our owner, our head distiller, or the founder and master blender for Jefferson’s. At the very least you will have an incredibly friendly guide show you through our facility, and most likely you will meet and get to speak with an actual distiller.

  2. Mix of the historic and the new

    KAD has historic equipment running in the distillery, dating back to just after Prohibition, alongside brand new stills. KAD truly is a mix of the old and the new, and the best of both worlds.

  3. Home of Jefferson’s Bourbon, as well as other unique brands

    We are the home to a brand that is known for pushing the boundaries of bourbon. Jefferson’s is famous for its Ocean: Aged at Sea, Chef’s Collaboration, Manhattan and Wine Finishes, many of which come to life on site at KAD. We are also home to a brand named after the famous historic Whiskey Row. We have something for everyone!  

ABOUT Kentucky Artisan Distillery

In 2012, three men came together with an idea to create a place for people to come and “bottle their dreams” in the old Crestwood, Kentucky Ice Cream Distributors, Inc. building. It would be the first contract distillery in Kentucky, and the only production sized farm-to-bottle distillery capable of distilling as little as one barrel for a special occasion on up to over 1,800 barrels a year for partners like Jefferson’s Reserve. They would do this using only pot stills, and running the distillery by hand.

As bourbon has gained popularity in recent years, things have changed a little bit. The Jefferson’s brand has grown, and has adopted Kentucky Artisan Distillery as its official home. We take great pride in being the home to this innovative brand, which still stays true to the rich heritage and tradition of bourbon. This is why KAD is the perfect home for Jefferson’s. We still produce every drop of bourbon completely by-hand.

KAD is a very unique place in the craft distillery world. A visit to KAD shows the real side of Kentucky craft distilling. Our team of distillers run a distillery that is devoid of iPads, rather using their senses to know when a batch is finished. The distillery is truly as close as a production facility in the 21st century can get to how bourbon was made 200 years ago.


Bourbon is full of rich heritage and tradition. Every drop of bourbon that is produced at Kentucky Artisan Distillery has been touched by the hands of several distillers. We put a lot of care into our products, and want to make sure that they are enjoyed in a respectable manor. Better Drinking Culture perfectly sums up how we hope our customers enjoy our bourbons. Enjoy it, respect it, and sip better.

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6230 Old LaGrange Road
Crestwood, KY 40014