L. Mawby Winery

Top 3 Reasons to visit

  1. Rotating Sparkling Wines in a variety of styles both regularly available and limited release products
  2. Guests have the opportunity to try their wine with food and enjoy our unique Leelanau Peninsula vineyard surroundings
  3. We pride ourselves on a laid-back atmosphere with a high level of customer service


Located among the rolling hills of Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula, Mawby is situated five miles south of the village of Suttons Bay and 12 miles north of Traverse City. Mawby is unique because we specialize in sparkling wines in a variety of styles, sweetness levels and price points. 

Mawby's core values:

  1. Produce high quality and distinct sparkling wines and ciders at a value to consumers
  2. Respect the planet and our properties by farming sustainably
  3. Promote a healthy and rewarding work environment for staff
  4. Deliver a high level of customer service consistently
  5. Running the business according to the three pillars of sustainability – Environmental Integrity, Social Equity, and Economic Viability;
  6. Develop opportunities for customers to experience our wines in unique way

Our founder Larry Mawby was a pioneer of the northern Michigan winemaking community as well as a leader among Michigan's wine scene since the 1970s. Mawbyness is the good feeling customers get when enjoying our products. We decided decades ago to focus on the production of sparkling wines as we believe our climate is best suited for growing wine grapes for such wines. The cornerstone of our brand is fun. We deliver a variety of sparkling wines so varied and affordable that consumers can make any type of day a celebration. We place a heavy emphasis on the experience in our tasting room, helping customers choose the best sparkling wines for their palate and offering a high level of customer service in a laid back atmosphere.   

Why join the Better Drinking Culture?

We believe that wine, is, in one word, pleasure. Our wines are at their best when enjoyed with friends, family, food, and good conversation. Our wines are at their worst when consumed quickly, in excess, and with disruption. We hope to attract consumers interested in enjoying our products for what they are and where they are made.  We also hope to teach the next generation how to consume better products without pushing themselves to over consume.  We hope to change the drinking culture in the greater Traverse City area with the help of our neighboring wineries, breweries, distilleries, bars and restaurants. This is a place to vacation and unwind, but also it is also a place to learn about our fine craft beverage makers, bartenders, and chefs. This all can be done while respecting our community and drinking within personal limits.  

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4519 S Elm Valley Road
Suttons Bay, MI 49682