The Membership Program and Universal Mug Club is a an exclusive network for anyone 21+ who makes a pledge to drink better. BDC hosts a web-based mobile app that unlocks access to perks, amenities, and discounts available only to BDC Members, offered by our Certified Partners and supporting health/lifestyle brand community sponsors.


Universal Mug Club mug

Drink. Post. Share.

  • TO YOU: To recognize and distinguish community establishments who advocate the health of their customers by providing a better experience

  • YOUR CONSUMERS: To empower consumers to drink better and live healthier

  • YOUR COMMUNITY: To build and sustain a Better Drinking Culture in your community by reducing the abuse of alcohol through means of example, influence, and education. A Better Drinking Culture helps communities thrive by making them better places to live, work, and raise families. Communities with lower alcohol abuse tend to have lower levels of crime, violence, and attract a stronger, more vibrant workforce.


  • Become recognized as a community leader, and achieve positive brand enhancement

  • Access and engage with BDC’s growing base of brand-conscious, health-minded consumers

  • Attract new customers by offering a Membership Program perk


  • Venue listing and your choice of perk(s) offered on BDC’s website and Membership Program app

  • Featured in-app promotion and inclusion in BDC’s monthly newsletter for special events, products, etc. (premium)

  • Editorial content customized to promote your business (premium)


STEP 1 — Membership Program

Decide on a perk/offer/discount. Make your incentive available to all BDC virtual card-carrying members. It should be something unique and special that provides an enhanced guest experience.

STEP 1 — Universal Mug Club

BDC will purchase a mug club membership (or equivalent loyalty program) from our Certified Partners. BDC will pay for, and provide our own unique mug/glass to be used. Our Certified Partners are entrusted with storing it in a space visible to guests. BDC politely asks our Certified Partners to only cover the cost of the glass (and S&H) if it breaks, gets lost, or stolen.


STEP 2 — Membership Program

Contact BDC to submit the details of your perk, and expectations for customers when redeeming. The “fine print” should be minimal.

STEP 2 — Universal Mug Club

Educate BDC on the benefits and rules associated with your mug club. BDC will include this information under your profile in our Membership App and on our website so our Members are informed how to use your mug club.


STEP 3 — Membership Program

Educate your staff on the offer, and how to process the perks internally when BDC members redeem them by showing their virtual membership card.

STEP 3 — Universal Mug Club

Educate your staff to recognize our unique mug/glass, and that its use is based on a first come/first served basis. If BDC’s Universal Mug is presently in use, and other BDC Members show their Membership Card to access it, please still grant those other Members the equivalent benefits of your mug club.


*Participation in BDC’s Membership Program and Universal Mug Club are requirements of BDC’s Certification Program. If a Certified Partner does not have their own mug club (or equivalent), BDC asks that they create an alternative loyalty incentive for BDC Membership Program members to create a special, enhanced experience.


  • FREE to participate 
  • Participation is required for establishments seeking Certification, and Certification does come with a modest fee
  • Participation is voluntary for businesses, brands, events, etc. that do not serve alcohol, but are health-minded and active lifestyle-centric