Top 3 Reasons to visit

  1. George's Bar, named after the man himself

    As a guest at George’s Bar, you will take a step back in time. Not only because you’re in the same building where George himself worked and Brown-Forman began, but because this is where our family tells its story. From the photographs that line the wall, to the family’s actual vinyl collection playing throughout, each piece tells its own chapter. Experience craft cocktails, created especially for the expression represented, or sit back with a flight and explore the range of Old Forester. Of course, if you choose not to drink, relax and enjoy a mocktail. Stop by the retail shop and pick up some Old Forester Cocktail Provisions to take the George's Bar experience home and mix up some true originals.

  2. We're the only distillery with a fully operational cooperage

    Brown-Forman is the only major spirits producer in the world that makes all of its own barrels and Old Forester Distilling Co. is the only distillery with a fully operational cooperage on-site. Look on as our skilled coopers build a barrel from the ground up, then get those cameras ready as we light it on fire - firing each new American oak barrel to charry perfection. The barrel is one of the most important parts of bourbon - accounting for all of the color and about 50 percent of the flavor - at Old Forester you'll learn why we'd never leave this critical ingredient to chance.

  3. History in a bottle

    Young pharmaceutical salesman, George Garvin Brown, revolutionized the spirits industry. When he sealed whiskey exclusively in a glass bottle, he sealed his name in history and started a legacy that would stretch around the globe and through five generations. The story of Old Forester isn't just a whiskey tale, it's the story of how an innovator set the course for regulating the quality of an industry. There's only one bourbon that has been continuously sold for 150 years - before, during and after prohibition - by the same family: Old Forester. At Old Forester Distilling Co. you'll hear not only about the history of the brand, but the history of the bourbon business.

ABOUT Old Forester

A century and a half ago, Whiskey Row was the economic center of Louisville – home to distillers, wholesalers and Old Forester, America’s First Bottled Bourbon™. In 1870, George Garvin Brown signed and sealed Old Forester with a promise: a handwritten guarantee to produce Bourbon of the highest consistent quality. As you step into 119 West Main Street, the same four walls that Old Forester called home before Prohibition, you’ll see that the times have changed, but the promise of sealed-in quality from the First Bottled Bourbon endures.

You can’t separate the stories of Bourbon and Louisville – a rich, entwined history that’s created the fabric of our hometown. At the Old Forester Distilling Company, you’ll learn about the histories of both, and of course, that of the Hometown Bourbon of Bourbon’s Hometown as you follow the whisky along the path from fermentation and distillation, to barreling, aging and bottling. Old Forester is the only bourbon distillery with a fully operational cooperage - assembling and charring barrels in the same building where spirits are being distilled and aged.

Old Forester has a history like no other - the only bourbon sold continuously before, during and after prohibition by the same company. It's a family heritage we are proud to share with the world.


Old Forester was founded on a premise of regulating an unregulated industry - a game changing idea of sealing medicinal whiskey in a glass bottle to ensure a safe, consistent product. In our 150 year history, we've been home to many firsts - including leading efforts for industry self-regulation and responsibility. For us, the Old Forester story is about so much more than just great whisky - it's about family, heritage and an unrivaled history. Regardless of if you choose to imbibe, we want you to know and celebrate the Old Forester story with us!

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119 West Main St
Louisville, KY 40202