Here's how it works

Members pay an annual donation of $25 that goes to fund our educational programming for families and college students. This includes talk sheets for families and event programming for our BDC student chapters. The goal is to educate and empower a future generation of drinkers to drink better and healthier. Sponsors help to support our members in this effort by providing them with exclusive perks, including discounts on drinks and/or food (e.g. $1 off first drink or 15% off bill). These perks help to increase the value of our membership, growing our membership base and helping us to make a bigger impact in the communities we serve. 

Benefits of being a sponsor

Benefits to being a sponsor and supporter of the Better Drinking Culture goes beyond positive brand exposure and goodwill affiliation. A Better Drinking Culture will lower intoxication accidents, drunk driving, physical and emotional harm, addictions, and so much more.  These improvements will build stronger communities, lower risk for industry regulation tightening, improve public perception on the industry, and create a larger and stronger base of healthy consumers of your product.

Impact we are making

BDC launched its first student chapter at Hope College aimed at educating and empowering students to drink better and develop a healthier relationship with alcohol. As part of this outreach, we reward students with free BDC merchandise for passing a knowledge based test on the health and craft of drinking.   We currently have a waitlist of students at 8 colleges and universities desiring to start chapters on their campuses.