Certified Partner

Terms of Agreement


Thank you for joining Better Drinking Culture, and becoming a BDC Certified Partner! Your contribution helps to support our education and advocacy initiatives in building a Better Drinking Culture in your community. By accepting this agreement, you agree to allow BDC to list your company, its logo, and profile information on its website and media channels. BDC gives you permission to use the BDC name and approved logos, literature, and marketing materials at your establishment, on your website, and social media channels. We encourage it. This agreement expires at the conclusion of any timeframe listed above (one year, by default). In order to maintain Certified status and retain rights to BDC assets, your Certification Program Certification Fee must be renewed before this agreement’s expiration date. Certification audits (including reevaluating your score) are conducted every two years. Either party may terminate this agreement with 30 days’ notice. No refunds will be made after receipt of funds. Both parties of this agreement fully release each other of any and all claims and liability that may arise from this agreement or participation in the BDC Certification Program.