2019 January Mantra: Mind Your Mood

On average, 50% of all New Year’s resolutions are broken or abandoned by February. So, this year, I’m flipping the script on what’s otherwise often an annual shame-filled process for many. Instead of arbitrarily picking goals that could lose their steam, I’m going to make better decisions based on an overarching theme: “mantras.” Something personal for each month that can carry me through the next 30-ish days. A concept to center my life around, and to adjust accordingly, as people undoubtedly change as time goes on. Like a lot of others, I want to rock 2019 with some major positivityand that includes self-awareness and compassion for myself.


January’s mantra: Mind my mood!



And by that, I mean I’m calling everyone (myself included!) to pay attention to what we’re feeling and why we’re feeling it. To take stock of ourselves and our actions, discerning what we’re doing and why we choose this and not that. It’s challenging, but it’s committed action to a subtle but powerful lifestyle change. It’s admitting that I have the power to make life-altering changes in my behavior that will affect my life, good and bad, and real talk—that’s pretty damn cool.

So. Cards on the table. That’s what I’m working on. Going into the New Year, I’m reevaluating my reactions to the dirty, sludgy snow and the endless cold before I snap at my partner or lash out at my sister.




What mantras are you going to hold yourself to for January? What changes do you want to see in your life and how do you have the power to make them happen?! I’m not talking unattainable goals or numbers, I’m talking about little things you can do regularly that will instill healthy habits in your routine with time!





By February, I’m hoping to have gotten a little better about paying attention to my mental state and moving on to paying closer attention to what goes in and out of my mouth! I’m not talking mindless snacking, but are kindness and continued compassion radiating out of me? And if not, well, what am I going to do about it? Come February, I’ll let you know my plans on how to shift that particular focus, and continue sharing a new mantra each month of 2019. Here’s to really embracing “out with the old, and in with the new!”


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Mary Webster is a digital photographer with a passion for Starbucks, tattoos, piercings, and puppies! Bachelors degrees in business, english and communication highlight Mary’s storyteller heart. Her favorite thing is to help others craft the message their sharing with the world, any way she can!

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