About Us


From Stories and T-shirts... to a Movement

Better Drinking Culture (you can call us BDC) was founded by a group of friends sharing stories about their experiences with alcohol. What we uncovered through these stories was that nearly every negative experience associated with alcohol was the result of drinking too much. Empowered to do something about it, we drafted a manifesto, printed some T-shirts, and started a movement to build a better drinking culture. 

Our mission is to shift our culture's relationship with alcohol in a healthier and more positive direction—a lifestyle free from pain, harm, and regret. #BecauseHangoversSuck

We're not anti-alcohol, prevention, or recovery. However, if you happen to align yourself with any of these populations, you're still cool with us. We're an anomaly like that—we're not supposed to fit neatly in a pre-assigned box. And, in case you're doing your due diligence, we were not created—nor are we funded—by the alcohol industry, educational institutions, or big business. 

We are by the people, for the people. We care about educating ourselves about the craft of what we drink, and sharing stories about why drinking better can make our lives, relationships, and communities healthier. We invite you to help us build a better drinking culture. Everyone's welcome at our table.