BDC Relaunches Certification Program for Breweries and Distilleries


Grand Rapids, MI (June 1, 2017) — Better Drinking Culture (BDC) is a social movement aimed to shift the world’s relationship with alcohol in a healthier and more positive direction—a lifestyle free from hangovers, harm, pain, and regret. BDC piloted their Certification Program in late 2016. The program distinguishes breweries, distilleries, bars, and restaurants that go above and beyond in contributing to a Better Drinking Culture in their community, for putting the health and safety of their customers first, and quality over quantity—all of which lead to an enhanced guest experience.

As the first new initiative from a portfolio of upcoming product releases, BDC has just launched their Fast Track Certification Program—a streamlined version of their original program. In order to become BDC-Certified, an establishment must meet four criteria that set the expectation for change: 1) institute a Drink Maximum policy, 2) train a minimum of one BDC Ambassador, 3) participate in BDC’s Universal Mug Club, and 4) pass a marketing and social media audit.

Becoming BDC-Certified sets a positive example for an establishment’s staff, their customers, community, and the alcohol industry. Kris Spaulding, co-owner of Brewery Vivant, a BDC Certified Partner, says, “It’s a commitment from us to them. We’re here to teach you about the craft, and show you what a big experience craft beer is to us—it’s [more than just] a beverage.”

BDC’s Certification Program is unique in that it establishes a benchmark for creating measurable change in our drinking culture. Joel Peterson, VP of Marketing at New Holland Brewing Co., BDC’s first Certified Partner, acknowledges the program’s impact and benefits, “It’s simply the right thing to do. Being part of Better Drinking Culture creates a longer-term, higher-end, and more educated consumer. It’s about consuming and producing the best, not the most.”

This is the first phase of a much broader, strategic vision. As the Certification Program expands nationwide, BDC is establishing an infrastructure to leverage metrics from their initiatives to also grade colleges and universities, cities, and states on how their drinking cultures compare to other communities across the country. Complemented by a forthcoming book and documentary, BDC will continue to support education and advocacy initiatives through speaking engagements, participation in industry festivals, hands-on craft experiences, and college campus engagement efforts.

About Better Drinking Culture

Camden Brieden, a social impact entrepreneur, founded Better Drinking Culture in 2015 after having been inspired by shared stories of alcohol’s impact in the lives of those around him. Jason Ley, CEO, leads BDC’s mission to improve the world’s relationship with alcohol, educating and empowering people to drink better and live healthier. #BecauseHangoversSuck. BDC is a for-profit Public Benefit Corporation (i.e. B Corp).


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