How to Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth with Integrity

I’m a lucky man. On, Mon, Mar. 27, I had the opportunity to live a “work day” pursuing two passions — in tandem: growing the BDC movement and tackling freelance assignments for MittenBrew.

I mini-road-tripped along SW Michigan with my beer scene BFF, Steph Harding, who owns MittenBrew. We visited Transient Artisan AlesBeer Church, and North Pier Brewing Co. I’m incredibly fortunate in that my affiliation to MittenBrew gets me in the door relatively quickly, usually with the warm welcome of a cold beer. And, my role with BDC immediately deepens the conversation once inside.

(L-R) Steph Harding, Transient owner, Chris Betts, and Jason Ley

(L-R) Steph Harding, Transient owner, Chris Betts, and Jason Ley


It gives me the chance to have an authentic conversation about something I really believe in. Personally, I’m doing something wholeheartedly good for me. Professionally, I’m blessed to be on the cusp of something monumentally impactful to the world,

When Cam offered me the job, he told me he supported my extracurricular pursuits. Conveniently, they do all complement each other, which is why it’s impossible for me to cheat one for the other. But, you always hear that in a job interview—”We really care about our company culture. We want our people to express themselves so they can grow, and be better assets to us by being fulfilled in their off time.” Rarely do they honor it. There’s a better culture out there, and I’m in it.

Embrace what you love. Pursue it with passion. Surround yourself with people who elevate you, and, in turn, reciprocate the support — in volumes. You both will rise.

Oh, yeah. We also visited Arclight Brewing, too, on the way home. Shoutout to bartender James—one of the coolest-vibed dudes I’ve ever met.

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