If We Could Make A Super Bowl Ad... It Would Look Like This.

The Moderate Gentleman

When I first saw this commercial, I had no idea what was going on. To me, it started as a strange compilation of powerful women singing Bonnie Tylers classic "I Need A Hero." It wasn't until the final few seconds when it all came together... when the "Moderate Gentleman" steals the show... and the girl :) 

Heineken launched this campaign in response to research conducted by Canvas8 that found millennials (21-35) are shifting their attitudes toward more responsible and healthy drinking. About three quarters of respondents surveyed said they limit their drinking most nights they go out, while 38% said they do so every single time. The main incentive for over half of those who restrain their alcohol consumption is to avoid “losing control.”

The Better Drinking Culture is all about building the Moderate Gentleman & Woman. And If this ad makes it to the Super Bowl tonight, make sure to nudge your friends and let them know how cool it is to be one too. 


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Better Drinking Culture is a grassroots organization led by people who believe in drinking better and living better. As advocates of the BDC, we believe in a healthier relationship with alcohol, one that doesn't include morning hangovers, pain, harm, or regrets. We live the example, share our stories, and empower others to do the same. Join us at BetterDrinkingCulture.org

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