Ride by day, party by night: A look into Bourbon Country Burn

Cycling tours linking vineyard or breweries are nothing new. A quick search online shows opportunities to ride through the rolling hills and vineyards of Italy or California. Breweries are linked on rides through Nashville, Portland or San Diego. You can ride mountain bikes and taste tequila in San Cabo.

However, many of these rides promote drinking to excess.

Bourbon Country Burn (BCB) has decided to do things differently. Biking and/or bourbon enthusiasts get to cycle and celebrate America’s native spirit and the gorgeous landscape of Kentucky September 28-30, 2018. Through carefully written policies and lots of planning, BCB is cultivating an excellent balance between enjoyment and indulgence.

Bottle Sherpa Service

When your bike tour takes you to some of the best bourbon distilleries in the world, the odds of wanting a souvenir bottle or three to take home are pretty high. Carrying a precious glass bottle on your road bike, however, sounds less than ideal.

BCB just made your decision easier. The Bottle Sherpa Service shuttles your special purchases back to Base Camp for pickup after your ride. There’s no risk of broken glass if you (not your drink) have a spill.

Ride by day, party by night

When the sun is up, the focus is on moving and experiencing the scenic bike course and guided distillery tours. When the sun sets, it’s time to party! After riders find their way back to Base Camp, the festival atmosphere takes over and gives riders opportunities to taste the spirits they saw being created earlier that day.

Nightly drink limit

BCB is a full weekend of cycling and celebrating the alcohol culture of Kentucky. As with most long events, finding a balance is necessary. No one should go hard at all things all the time.

woodford reserve_old fashioned.png

All cyclists are limited to four drink samples each night to help ensure they are ready to ride safely the next day. Better Drinking Culture sends mad props for this one! We love that there’s no encouragement for overindulgence.

Zero tolerance drinking policy on course

During the event, BCB has a zero tolerance drinking policy along the bike course. This helps to ensure the health and safety of participants.

BCB has done the work to provide an innovative, thoughtful adventure experience while still taking care of their riders. BDC is proud to be supporting our friends at BCB in all of their efforts to empower participants to drink better, have fun, and most importantly ride safely!

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