Science explains why it's hard to stop after just 1 drink


We've all been there. Your friends or co-workers invite you out for just "one drink", and before you know it you're one to many drinks beyond repair. For those of us who love craft beer, wine, or fancy cocktails, why is it so hard for some of us to resist that second drink? New research out of Texas A&M College of Medicine sheds some light on this phenomenon. 

“The study found that drinking alcohol can actually alter the structure and function of neurons that are found in the dorsomedial striatum, the area of your brain that controls motivational and reward systems. When you sip on your glass of Chardonnay or tumbler of whiskey-soda, the shape of these “go neurons” shifts, urging you to order another round and keep up the buzz.”
— Texas A&M College of Medicine

So, alcohol excites certain neurons in your brain that makes you crave more alcohol... But why is the craving stronger for some more than others?

Additional science explains that genetics and your past history with alcohol can play a key role in your alcohol cravings. If you spent your college years getting drunk every weekend, you probably did some permanent damage to your brain structure, developing a higher sensitivity to alcohol cravings and finding it more difficult to stop after just one drink.

The science is pretty clear. Building a healthy relationship with alcohol is extremely important, but even more important for those learning to drink for the first time. Drinking in moderation and not drinking beyond our limits is a key part of the BDC lifestyle. And as a culture, we need to help ensure that alcohol remains a healthy and positive part of our lives.

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