Students think drunk people are…


There are a lot of studies (and personal experiences) that have shown us that when we have too much to drink… we tend to find people more attractive than they really are.  Which isn’t a huge deal, until you couple that with another side effect of drinking too much… poor judgment. 

But what about the other way around? How do people who are not drunk, perceive people who are?  BDC decided to ask students at Grand Valley State University what they think about their fellow drunk students on campus.

When asked, “Do you find drunk students more attractive, less attractive, or no preference”, 88 students responded the following:

Nothing earth shattering here… except when you pause to think about it. If college students find drunk people less attractive, why do so many students still do it?

In the United States, 25% of the population binge drinks, which lifestyle is promoted EVERYWHERE. Yet, 32% of the population actually drinks better (moderation), but this lifestyle and message is promoted NOWHERE.

The problem isn’t just educating students about the dangers of alcohol abuse… it’s also a branding issue. And that’s exactly what a group of friends figured out, and how and why the “Better Drinking Culture” was formed.

We believe that if we can promote a healthier attitude, while still being respectful and non-shaming, we can empower others to drink better. We need students who can drink by example, showing other students that the craft is something to respect. We believe in a healthier relationship with alcohol, one that leads to hangover-free mornings and better friendships. It’s more than just being educated; it’s about empowering a lifestyle that is better for everyone.


Better Drinking Culture (“BDC” for short) is a grassroots movement of people promoting a healthier relationship with alcohol. Founded in 2015 by a group of friends in West Michigan, BDC has quickly grown as a platform for connecting like-minded individuals with a desire to promote a healthier lifestyle around drinking. Its goal is to educate and empower others to drink better and healthier, with a focus on bringing this message to college students. To learn more about BDC’s initiatives, please visit or find them on social media @betterdrinkingculture.

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