Taking the Crave 21 Challenge: Replacing an addiction

The Crave 21 Challenge:

  1. Choose a craving to give up for 21 days
  2. Nominate your friends to join or donate
  3. Fight the crave and raise support!

Crave 21 raises awareness for youth addiction prevention and education. The C21 Challenge, although originally conceptualized for those under 18 — to encourage self-awareness about the risks of addiction, quickly evolved into a grassroots personal challenge toward self-improvement, universal to and inclusive of anyone.

Trading a sloppy Whopper Jr. with cheese for a lovingly-prepared homemade meal, or giving up sucking down a pack of cancer sticks instead for going for 20 quick runs may not be as virally attractive as pouring a bucket of ice water on your head, but I’m going to take a stab at guessing that it’s probably going to be better for you long after the Facebook Like notifications stop.

I’ve accepted to take the Challenge, which is free, and also donated $21 to help fund the corresponding curriculum for schools. Starting today, I’m replacing watching TV with a healthier, more rewarding alternative: creative writing.

If you know me like everyone else I’ve told I’m doing the Challenge, their first question has been, “Why aren’t you giving up beer?” Stay tuned, I’ll explain…

I’m going to document what happens for the next 21 days here in this post, which I’ll attempt to update daily. If this is anything like the time I tried to not complain or swear for 21 days, I may not get it perfect the first time, but was definitely better for trying. 

Read my 21-day journey here.

For anyone looking to follow along or do the same, I suggest you download the Coach.me app, which pairs an easily digestible bite of education with each of the 21 days, and can help keep you accountable.



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