HUH? Universal... WHAT?!

When you join BDC's Membership Program you become an awesome BDC Member and unlock access to BDC's Universal Mug Club. BDC is growing our network of Certified Partners who care about contributing to a Better Drinking Culture in their community, and we're connecting you to them to provide an enhanced experience. Because you rock.


  • Access to drink out of BDC's custom mug behind the bar at our Certified Partners with a selection of drink, food, and/or merch benefits unique to each establishment (similar to those that their own mug clubbers or loyalty program guests get to enjoy)


STEP 1: Sign up for the Membership Program

STEP 2: Once registered and paid, you’ll get texted a link to download the BDC web app, which generates your personalized BDC membership card

STEP 3: Members then use the app to show your virtual membership card at our network of participating Certified Partners for immediate access to all perks and discounts



Ash for the BDC Universal Mug Club mug!

Drink. Post. Share.


*The participation of our Certified Partners is at their discretion (because things can change on the fly), and they have the right to refuse service at any time for any reason. If they do not have their own mug club program, please check the BDC App for comparable perks from them. If you visit, and the BDC Universal Mug Club glass is already in use (first come/first served), you will still receive the same benefits—just out of a house glass. Take that opportunity to introduce yourself to whoever beat you to it. Make a new friend. Buy 'em a beer. Share your #BDCstory. If you experience any hiccups, please let us know